Solea Dental Laser: What Are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

Are you fearful of dental visits because you fear the dental drill and the strange smells of the dental office? The time may not be far away for you to leave your dental anxieties behind you, more and more dentists are now using Solea dental laser to perform various procedures.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

The Solea dental laser has replaced the drill for cavities and the scalpel for gum surgery. The dentist near you kow the benefits of laser dentistry and will not administer local anesthesia for most procedures they perform. The dentist does not have to wait for you to get numb before beginning the process and, therefore, can attend to more patients than before. Solea dental laser is a fast and precise anesthesia-free solution for any cavity preparation or soft tissue procedures. Patients love the unique experience provided by the dentist who uses The Solea dental laser to achieve better patient outcomes.

Dentists Performing More Procedures Faster with Solea Dental Laser

The Solea Dental Laser allows dentists to perform more dental procedures because dentists don’t have to calm down patients or inject them with anesthesia and leave the operatory until the patient gets numb. The dentist can begin with the patient immediately as they arrive for the appointment. Patients also benefit because their procedure is completed in a shorter than expected.

The dental laser from Solea saves dentists time, even when working on hard tissue procedures or performing soft tissue grafts, to improve their practice dramatically.

How Can Patients Benefit from Solea Dental Laser?

The dentist uses the Solea laser to fill cavities and perform oral surgery. Patients needing fillings for cavities or gum surgery near Suffern, NY must visit Dental Wellness of Suffern, for a consultation if they want to understand whether filling cavities or performing gum surgery is a suitable option for them with Solea laser. Patients can visit the dentist in Suffern or the surrounding areas of Montebello, Mahwah, Upper Bergen County, Ramapo, Saddle River, Ridgewood, Westwood, Park Ridge, Monsey, or Southington for consultation.

Patients who qualify for the treatment will experience virtually no bleeding because the laser cauterizes as it cuts, leaving you with no stitches in the mouth or extensive post-operative pain. You will probably not even require a shot because the procedures performed by lasers are pain-free.

Patients visiting the dentist mentioned in this discussion will experience a noise-free, anxiety-free, needle-free, and suture-free experience. When patients find the source of their anxiety eliminated from the procedure, they are prepared to visit the dentist repeatedly for various processes and don’t mind telling their friends and colleagues how convenient it is to undergo dental treatments with laser dentistry.

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